Creative Options


Podcast Revolution provides consulting and development services to help you create customized podcast content. Whether you're a podcast novice in need of guidance, know exactly what you want to create, or are somewhere in the middle -- we're here to help you every step of the way! 


We offer:

  • Podcast solutions, allowing you to speak directly to your clients, employees, or consumer fans (your tribe!) with custom content. Perfect for entrepreneurs or business marketers.


  • Audiobook creation to get your book up on iTunes and Audible to generate income! (Afterall, audiobooks are actually mastered audio podcasts. We can help you through the process from creation to upload.


  • A white-label system that allows your company to provide podcast capabilities directly to your clients and create an additional revenue stream for your business. Great for advertising agencies and PR firms.


​​​Set for Success

Our method allows us to organize and develop a customized podcast framework for your client, brand or business communication goals. With a recommended package that fits your podcast needs, we provide all the “how-to” steps for content creation and publication, and if needed, a marketing plan to get your podcast heard!  


The Tools

Need recording equipment? No problem. We'll help you choose the right sound system to use at home or at the office for your budget. We can also work with you remotely, or recommend studio time in your area.

The choice is yours! 



We produce professional podcast episodes with music beds, intros and outs, rejoins, editing, hosting, RSS feed, ID tags and segmentation for optional advertising message insertion. Show episode links are provided and ready for distribution through any social media platform or additional digital delivery system to match your marketing objectives such as websites, blogs or e-mails. Not sure about any of that? No worries. That's why we're here.






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