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Finding Podcast Success in an Ocean of Sounds

February 6, 2018

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The Podcast Potential

December 9, 2017

There's been a lot of recent discussion about effective podcast advertising and whether dynamic insertion or baked-in ads fare better in the long run. According to Russell Lindley, Ad Results Media president, native messaging from the host within the show far exceeds a third-party message. Articles like DigiDay's Podcast Ads Remain Stubbornly Old Fashioned highlight that position, while still addressing the need for time-sensitive campaigns. For an overall breakdown of what it all means, Forbes chimes in with a detailed play-by-play article, The Podcast Ad Playbook: Baked-In Versus Dynamic Insertion Ads.


As advertising strategists continue to dissect ad placement, one thing is clear. Podcasts are being listened to, heard, and studied for ROI trends. Dynamic insertion can certainly be effective if it offers value to the listener and is done with that in mind while host reads clearly offer endorsements that carry weight.


But effective advertising is only a part of the burgeoning podcast medium. Call to actions (CTAs) are of the utmost importance for any messaging as long as the action is clarified up front. Generalizations for effective returns just can't be made until the overall goal of the podcast is clear. Much needs to be considered when creating a podcast and one such thought is whether ads will become a part of the overall plan. Whether or not a podcast is ready for ads is part of development and we'll work with you to create a path that is right for your messaging. Reach out to us at to start your business podcast and get your message heard. 




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